John's Pita Bakery

Collaboration with Jared Bergeron, graphic designer from Kansas City.  Co-Owner Nick Srour commissioned Jared to redesign John's Pita Bakery's logo. Nick commissioned Jared and I to paint on his restaurant and pita bakery in Wichita, KS. 

15' Tall. 18' Wide. House Paint.

John's Pita Bakery Is one of family and tradition. One that echoes the pastoral history of the bread we bake, and it all began with master baker and pastry chef John Srour. Born in Lebanon in 1941, John began baking at the age of 13, learning the secrets and time-honored methods of traditional French and Arabic pastry. 

John brought his skills and family to the United States and eventually settled in Wichita where he began his wholesale pita operation, then called N&J Bakery. Soon N&J’s became a full service café and the wholesale operation resumed under the current moniker, John’s Pita Bakery. Today the business is owned and operated by two of John’s sons, Nicholas and Johnny Srour, who seek to further the legacy laid forth by their father.